Puppy House Training : Consistency, Patience & Lots of Praise

Puppy house training involves consistency, enthusiasm and most of all patience. Puppies “have to go” often. Constantly letting your puppy outside coupled with a keyword will begin to yield the results you’re hoping for. Watch for signs from them, staring you in the face, disappearing suddenly (they’re probably in the other room ready to squat). Take them out often!

  • When they wake up first thing in the morning
  • After each meal
  • After every nap
  • After and even during playtime

Remember, you’re teaching them to go outside not to “hold it”. That will come once they have learned the lesson that “potty” is outside.

Puppies are easily distracted. If you catch them going in the house, firmly say NO (do not YELL as they will forget the lesson). Pick them up and take them outdoors to finish the job. Being sneaky and trying to catch them squatting in the house is a perfect opportunity to TEACH them. Watch your puppy and become familiar with hisĀ habits. Before you know it, you’ll know your puppy has to go potty before he does!

Puppy House Training Keyword

Pick a keyword like, “potty”, “outside” etc. and stick with it. When you take your puppy outside be sure to use your keyword and your puppy will begin to associate that word with going outside. When you take your puppy outside, always try to take them to the same area so they get in a habit of going in thatĀ same area. Dogs are …routine oriented. Taking your puppy to the same area achieves two things; once they become house trained :

  1. They will always use that same area as their bathroom.
  2. You won’t have to search the entire yard on cleanup day.

Lots of Praise with Enthusiasm

When your puppy goes “potty” outside, make a big deal of it! This is an event! Make sure your puppy knows how pleased you are with them every time they go to the bathroom outside. After all, that’s all your dog wants to do – please you! Let them know how to with LOTS OF PRAISE!!

CRATE TRAINING is also an excellent start and highly effective.

Seriously! The Best Puppy Training Advice I Ever Heard!